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Practical LEGO Pendulum Clock

This is another version of my mechanical LEGO pendulum clock. This clock is truly practical: it runs for 35 hours, it is very easy to rewind, and it is accurate to within a few seconds per day, or just about 1 minute after running for 2 weeks straight. It uses a Galileo escapement for efficiency,… Read More »

How LiveSPICE works: numerically solving circuit equations

The purpose of LiveSPICE is to simulate circuits for audio signals in real time. Simulating a circuit requires solving for the relationship between the current state of the circuit and a new input signal, to produce the new state of the circuit. This post describes the algorithm LiveSPICE uses to evaluate this relationship quickly enough… Read More »

Guitar Tuner

I've been searching for a simple, working, free guitar tuner program, but there seems to be a gap in the free simple working tuner market on the web. So I decided to make a chromatic tuner, which works for many instruments.

LEGO Clock

When I was at my parents for Christmas, we were visiting one of their neighbors who owned an old style mechanical clock. It was simple, a small box with the clock face, and the pendulum and weights coming out the bottom of the clock. It got me thinking that I could build one with the… Read More »