Touchpad: A Computer Remote Control App for Android

By | April 12, 2012
Touchpad Android App

Touchpad Android App

Touchpad is a free Android app to enable you to control your windows computer from your Android device. It provides a simple multitouch touchpad interface to control the mouse, and accepts keystrokes from the keyboard on your device to send to your computer. Touchpad has the following features:

  • Full remote control over the mouse left and right buttons from your Android device: drag n' drop, double clicking, and right clicking functionality is readily accessible - now with multitouch!
  • Keyboard support allows typing on the remotely controlled computer.
  • Media controls for easy control over media playback.
  • Web browser controls for easy browser navigation.
  • Automatically find servers from your device to make connecting to your computer simple and painless.
  • Clean, minimalist design.
  • Completely free and contains absolutely no ads!

Why Touchpad and not one of the many other apps on Google Play for controlling your computer? I tried many of these apps, and all of them had annoying issues: bloated with excess features getting in the way, contained ads occupying valuable touchpad space, unstable and complicated server software, or a combination of these. After getting frustrated enough with all of the options I found, I decided to develop my own. If that sounds like your experience with other computer remote control apps, Touchpad is for you! Follow these instructions to get started with Touchpad:

  1. Install and run the Touchpad Server on your windows computer. Make sure to allow TouchpadServer.exe network access if prompted by your firewall software. Optionally, configure a password by double clicking the Touchpad Server icon in the notification area.
  2. Get the free Touchpad App from Google Play.
  3. With the server configured and running on the computer you want to control, run the Touchpad app on your Android device.
  4. Open the options menu and select 'Connect...'.
  5. Select the server from the list. If the server was not found automatically, you can select 'Custom server...' and enter the server adddress and port manually. Hover your mouse over the Touchpad Server icon in your notification area to see the server address.
  6. If you configured a password on the server, enter the password when prompted.
  7. Begin controlling your computer from your Android device! If you have configured a password, Touchpad will remember the password until you are disconnected from the server.

Now that you're connected, using Touchpad should be straightforward, just move the mouse by moving your finger on the screen of your device, and tap to click. Here are some useful hints and tips to get the most out of Touchpad:

  • If you see a red X over the Touchpad icon, you are not connected to the server. Follow the instructions above to install and configure the Touchpad server.
  • To scroll the window with focus, drag the right edge of the screen.
  • Tap the keyboard icon to show the keyboard and begin typing on the remotely controlled computer.


Version History:

Version 1.3
This version requires at least version 1.3 of the Touchpad Server!

  • Added support for multitouch (drag n' drop and scrolling modes).
  • Added optional modifier keys (shift, ctrl, alt toggle buttons).
  • Added option to control the scroll bar size.
  • Changed default Timeout to 500 ms.
  • Hardware keyboards and more hardware buttons supported.
  • Fixed jump when first moving the cursor.

Version 1.2

  • Added Exit button to menu.
  • Volume controls change the volume faster (long press for more precise control)
  • Connection should be remembered more reliably.

Version 1.0

  • Initial Release

194 thoughts on “Touchpad: A Computer Remote Control App for Android

  1. Edwin

    The server seems to have errors. When clicked outside of the(as in clicking on another program) the functionality of the program does not work. I am running Windows 7, with a LG G2x running Gingerbread.

    1. Dillon Post author

      Does the other program have administrator rights? Windows will not allow TouchpadServer.exe to send input to applications with greater permissions than itself. You can either raise the permissions of TouchpadServer.exe, or lower the permissions of the applications you are trying to control. I recommend the latter option.

      1. Marion

        The Option button is missing and i so i cant use the app to connect to my pc.

    2. son

      not full compatible windows 8.1 exaple task manager, touch keyboard........ othrer windows

  2. adam

    Just thought i would let you know that when i use teamspeak the app won't click or move when the client window is active. The lack of a double click function makes some operations impossible but still, great app

    1. Dillon Post author

      Just double tap to double click, no special function is necessary! If you can click, you can double click too.

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  4. Lukasz

    Great and simple app, but the drag n' drop and scrolling doesn't seem to work at all... If I want to scroll a webpage, I have to click on the tiny icon, which isn't really comfortable. And when I try to drag the right edge of the screen, nothing happens.
    (htc desire s, windows 7)

    1. Dillon Post author

      Hey Lukasz,

      You should be able to drag and drop by pressing the left button icon once, moving the cursor to drag what you clicked, then pressing the left button icon again to release.

      I plan to make the scrolling area wider in the next version, some devices appear to not see touch events on the far edges of the screen. This should help with scrolling by dragging the edge of the app.

      I also plan to add multitouch scrolling soon!

      Thank you for your feedback!

  5. VCSekhar

    Hi Dillon,
    I liked this. It worked smoothly after a couple of tries.

    Just few suggestions:
    1) Context sensitive toolbar
    2) multi-touch support (based on device driver support detected by the server-counterpart)
    3) Gesture Support

    I would be glad to offer my coding-skills and time, if you are comfortable in sharing the source-code.

    Appreciate for offering this for free,


    1. Dillon Post author

      Hey VC,

      Thanks for your offer to help! Once I am a bit farther along with the app, I will probably release the source. Then, you will be free to modify it as you see fit.

      1. Alexander

        Hi there,

        I'd like to improve your great touchpad application. How is going with open-sourcing the code?


  6. kilof

    Great app! but it is only Windows version. Can we expect Linux version??

    Big thanks, that is for free!

    1. Dillon Post author

      I have no plans at the moment to support Linux.

      However, I am considering adding/changing support to the VNC protocol, which would allow you to use any VNC compatible server software, of which there are many that work on Linux.

  7. Michael

    When using this app, can you see your computer screen on the tablet?

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  9. Adam

    The early version worked well with the Galaxy S5830. Now it is just terrible. Lagging mouse pointer and multi-touch feature just doesn't work. I can't revert back to the old version. What a shame. Have to go back to GMote. Why couldn't you just leave it as it was and just fix the bugs? It was perfect now just not worth it

    1. Dillon Post author

      Sorry to hear you are having trouble with it. Did you also install the new server version? Also, if multitouch is causing problems, you can turn it off in the preferences.

      1. Adam

        yes, have installed new server and turned multi-touch off but there is still lag and mouse pointer freezes and pauses then works and keeps doing that. Is there a way I can go back to the old version of the app and server? that was working perfect other than the backspace. the backspace don't always work with the current version as well on the Galaxy Ace.

        1. Dillon Post author

          I've been trying to find a way to enable old versions on Google Play, but I don't think it is possible without reverting the primary app download.

          Are you sure there were not any changes in the condition of your network? This app is very sensitive to the quality of your WiFi network by the nature of what it does.

          To rule out WiFi signal quality issues, you could try networking your phone to your PC by using the 'Internet Pass Through' option on your phone (and I suggest also temporarily putting your phone in Airplane mode to avoid accidentally connecting over WiFi).

          When I tried this, Touchpad required you to use the 'Custom Server' option to connect. (Also, Touchpad was very slow to connect in this circumstance! Be patient...) If this works and Touchpad isn't laggy, then it must be your WiFi network. However, if it is still laggy, let me know as that would indicate a bug in Touchpad!

          1. Adam

            Thanks for the reply but definitely not a wifi issue. I have tried GMote and that is working fine. My internet is also pretty fast with a good ping back. WiFi signal is excellent. Because the APK has been changed at the same time as the server client software, it is hard to say if the app is the issue or the updated server.

            1. Dillon Post author

              Unfortunately, I'm not sure what the problem is. As far as I know, no one else has reported this problem, and the reviews for 1.3 have been as good as previous versions, so I don't think I introduced a bug.

              I am posting a new version with slight tweaks shortly. I don't expect it to change anything related to the problem you are seeing, but it might be worth a try anyways?

      2. Gab

        What do you if it can't connect? Error pops up and says "Error connecting to... : failed to connect to connect to... (port...) after 501ms

  10. Karol

    I got connected then immediately Client Suspended. Any ideas?
    ICS 4.0.2 G Nexus

  11. Heinrich

    After I download and install the Touchpad Server on my Computer I haven't got a menu. That's the reason why I can't "connect". I have the lastest Version of Touchpad Server (Version 1.3) and anyone an idea. Why is the Server like the discription in the top of this side?? Waht can I do?

  12. Dillon Post author

    It sounds like your phone isn't finding the server. Check your device is on the same network as your computer, and that the server can access the network (no firewall).

    1. Rhys

      When I access the app, I see only the image of the mouse with a red cross over it, and the keyboard item. There is no sign of an options menu, and I can't use the contextual menu button (like on most android phones) to access the menu, as I am using a Samsung A5, and this button has been replaced with a multitasking button. The server is installed on my PC and both are connected to the same network...I'm confident I only can't connect because no option menu. Help??

        1. Bob

          Android 6 on Samsung: "In certain applications, you can touch and hold the Recent Apps button to view the Menu options."
          Long press Recent Apps works fine on Samsung Note 3 (TouchWiz 6.0.1 ported from S5)

  13. garfield

    It's good but a clear "left and right" mouse buttons would be good. Say, maybe a box on the left and right so you can select either mouse button individualy?

  14. varun

    how can I download this to my windows pc so that I can use this app.
    I'm not able download it, could you please share a link from where I can download it.

  15. Cristi

    Thank's man this is exactly what i was looking for ... and it's also free. You are a truly good person to share this.

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  17. Peter

    I cannot connect. Using HTC Sensation and Win7.

    ERROR: TcpSocket::Receive Failed: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.

  18. void

    It's a nice app for the relatively early stage it's in. Input gestures could stand to be more robust; support more touchpad type mechanisms (quick tap then slide for drag operation, for instance), maybe some 'kinetic scrolling' functionality.. It seems to be kind of confused about what constitutes 'multitouch'; it doesn't seem to recognize two fingers if they're too close together.
    Is it possible for this app to optionally disable screen locking? I'm using it while the phone is connected via USB, so power saving isn't an issue, but I would only want to disable that while this app is in the foreground. (Right now, I'm using Tasker to accomplish this last bit)

    1. void

      Of course, I forgot to say that I appreciate the work you put into this. It's rare to find something like this that is ad-free. 🙂

  19. Tom

    This is awesome! Works like a charm and feels a lot better than some touchpads i know *cough* Thinkpad x120e *cough*! Thanks a lot!

    Well, uhm, the way multitouch works for scrolling takes some getting used to. Apparently the app just uses whatever finger touches first for scroll gestures (meaning you can leave the second finger on your while scrolling repeatedly), while PC touchpads use the average position of both finger to determine where to scroll to.
    Don't get me wrong, i like the way it works in your software, it is somewhat more efficient that the regular touchpad's way, it's just different than waht i'm used to.

  20. krezpo


  21. Raderator

    Beautiful app but two bugs. Does not work well with Swype. Fails to put in spaces much of the time and will not enter suggested words properly or backspace over words. Scroll bar is hit or miss. Works perfectly on one PC (same as being locked on scroll tab), requires bumping up and down on the other or it just keeps going, and on the third requires bumping and goes too far so is unusable.

    1. Raderator

      Actually, the scrolling prob seems to be an IE9 issue, which has been crashing a lot on two of my computers. Scrolling is normal on Chrome. Swype still doesn't work right tho.

  22. Raderator

    I discovered my probs with IE9 scrolling were caused by X-Mouse Button Control. Now if you can just get Swype working, I'll use this app all day long.

  23. Wil

    I'm stunned at how great the performance is.

    I'm looking forward if pointer speed acceleration, scrolling acceleration, and 3 finger click as middle click functions would be implemented.

    Awesome job Dillon!

  24. Tom

    Hi Dillon,
    thanks for this great tool!

    Could you imagine to publish the details of the message protocol? I would love to run my own (Python) server to receive and process the mouse messages.

  25. Joel

    guys, you should do an option to enable the use of the accelerometer to move the mouse thru the windows!

  26. Baduki

    1st..thanks for your generosity of providing such a great program free! Love the smooth mouse movement! and simple,clean UI.
    Some suggestions if you are still working on this.
    1.Timer option for turning off screen.(I don't think your UI takes too much of battery or add dimmer for further battery save)

    2.Media/browser icons could light up/glow when touched and/or have option to vibrate.(btw..a small bug, when turning back on from screen off..the top notification bar appears on the unlocking screen and as I unlock the phone.. back to the "touchpad screen" the touchpad does not refresh but has the top empty space where the notification bar was and the screen is pushed that much lower making the media buttons appear top half..function works but only comes back up when the "keyboard" icon is pressed as the keyboard comes up, touchpad goes up too and when any of the hard buttons(menu,back,etc) are pressed.)

    3.Media/browser buttons could be larger and move up a little..I use my thumb most of the times and it will be much easier to press..mouse area is large enough so you can spare some space for buttons.

    That's need to add more functionality since that will bloat the program and lag..we need low resource,fast and no lagging mouse 🙂

    If above requests are too personal(?) maybe you could do a survey(among other functions you had in mind) and vote what should be added to the next update? (or if you have already done something..put it out as beta test..)

    anyways... thanks a MILLION for a sweet app!

  27. Fernando García

    Hi, I installed both server and client. The client doesn't seems to recognize the server. When I tap on "connect" it doesn't detect it automatically. And when I try to input the direction in custom server it says "Error connecting to *IP:port*: connection timed out."

    Running as administrator at port 2999. Thanks 😀

  28. Orion

    Incredible feel and responsiveness, your app has supreme promise. I have a bug to report and a suggestion. Using my phone and your app to post this comment!

    Suggestion first. I suggest turning the server into a service, or some variant that provides mouse and keyboard in all situations like a human interface device. While security concerns are fair, the sudden loss of control when switching to an admin window is disconcerting and apparently not reversible.

    Now the bug. I am experiencing frequent disconnects between client and server, one during the writing of this message in fact. The client will continue to indicate connection but the server appears to stop receiving. At those times it seems the broadcast and discovery mechanism also breaks, as the connect button from the client does not detect the server for about 30 seconds thereafter when I attempt reconnection. (Just happened again in the middle of the word "attempt.")

    Still overall this is an awesome app and I really look forward to its future.

  29. Banamo

    Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long as
    I provide credit and sources back to your weblog?
    My blog is in the very same niche as yours and my users
    would genuinely benefit from some of the information you present
    here. Please let me know if this alright with you.


  30. Juan

    Loved the app, especially the media player toolbar. Any chance we get bluetooth connection support in a future version? Thanks agai for this app, already rated it 5 stars on Google Play.

  31. David

    Not bad; simple and lightweight app.
    Some suggestions:
    - option to adjust scrolling speed
    - dragging with one finger (tap and draw)
    - horizontal scrolling and middle click

  32. Mark G

    I would love to try this app on the Kindle Fire, but unfortunately don't have access to Google Play. Is there a way to get this added to the Amazon Appstore, or maybe provide a link to the APK file?

    1. Mark G

      I ended up downloading the source code and compiling for Gingerbread. It works great on my Kindle Fire and I appreciate you releasing this into the community.

  33. Russell Reid

    I decided to try this on my windows 8 test box to see if it could bridge the touch gap on older computers running windows 8. Works pretty well. (Asus transformer tf101 with ICS controlling a Dell latitude D630 running win 8 x64) One suggestion is that you look into the multitouch gestures used to control 'Metro'. While it works reasonably well as a mouse for metro, it would work much better as a touch slave to the metro start screen. You could have a killer app for bridging non touch computers to run win 8 with touch capability.

  34. faizan

    hey ,..

    i have installed the server and the app on my xperia play ,.. but its not working,.. its giving a time out error,..

    need help ,.!!

  35. Preston Eckerdt

    When I try to run the app I get the Error: "Error connecting to failed to connect to / (port 2999) after 2001 ms: isConnected failed: ECONNREFUSED (Connection refused) what can I do?

    1. alberto


      I had same problem. The smartphone couldn't find the server because the antivirus from PC was blocking the signal. If you try to turn off the antivirus you will have no problem. The final solution is, of course, configuring the firewall of the antivirus so that it allows the software connecting with the computer.


  36. Andys

    Thank you for the app, I like it!
    Imo, what it lacks in control department -
    1. Fn keys (in some programs you have these hotkeys for commands)
    2. Win+ modificator (Win+e, Win+d etc hotkeys are useful)

    It's not a big deal to do something avoiding these commands but there are some hotkeys I am used to and having their analog on Touchpad would be great

  37. Peter Thompson

    Thanks for a great app. Is there a way of installing the server exe such that it runs at startup, rather than after login? (I'm using Windows 8.) If not, might I make that a feature request?

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  40. Nikola

    I downloaded the latest 1.3 version of touchpad server and the latest version of the app from google play store. I installed both, and it doesn't work. I entered the app and went to connect, it didn't showed any IP, just "custom server..." and "cancel". I went to "custom server..." and entered the IP that was shown in the toolbar, it said: "Error connecting to Connection timed out". I've done all the steps and turned on the wi-fi on my phone, and I don't know how to connect... Pls help!

  41. chris

    I love this app! I greatly appreciate that this is free and works almost flawlessly! Only some small stuff that hopefully an update can fix... ok. Im running this app on my droid 3 which has a full keyboard on it, it actually types pretty good but for some reason the spacebar and the period and others keys doesnt work. Also, the multitouch scrolling scrolls the wrong way im used to on windows 8. Please fix. Thanks

  42. Jenny

    PLEASE get the new SwiftKey 4 (with Flow) working 😉 It works as-is, but not the "swype" functionality which would be MASSIVE!

  43. Mauricio

    Excelent program, two things are missing to be perfect.

    1) Enable custom user shortcuts buttons for quick access

    2) When changing system volumen my "volume2 software" doesn´t show OSD display

    pls reply to my mail

    1. Mauricio

      Tip 2) Now works with new Volume, so nevermind.

      But it would be great to have like boxes with custom keys presets: For example: "letter I", etc.

      Also disable lockscreen

  44. Fletcher Johnson

    Echoing Jenny, getting the swype functionality would be major. Also, the voice-to-text feature is not working correctly as the input text is getting entered twice. Still a very nice app!

  45. Eric

    Nice job, working great using Nexus S with jellybean 4.1.1 and Windows 7 x64 pro

  46. Dani

    Hello! It seems to be a great app, very useful and i even think the GUI is awesome!! But I have a problem when I try to run it. When I press on Connect it doesn't detect any device, just Custom server and Cancel. When I enter the server IP on Custom server option ( I get an error saying "Transport endpoint is not connected".

    ¿Could you help me? Thank you in advance!!

  47. Dani

    Ok, I fixed my problem (The mobile and the PC were not connected to the same subnetwork). The program works great. Thank you very much for it!!

  48. James

    Not sure if this was mentioned, but an escape key would be good. Like the way you have Ctrl and Alt.

  49. Hamayon

    Great app I've used it, but remote desktop by splashtop 2 is the best among all of these android apps to control PC, MAC and Linux. Good thing is that its touch experience is great when we have installed windows 8 on PC.

  50. SSX

    Not detecting server also if I have chosen "manual connect" (I must, app does not recognize it automatically) => "Error connecting to failed to connect to / (port xxxx) after 501 ms. Server is enabled in my antivirus personal firewall. I have tried similar application (Remote Trackpad by djpnewton) and it works well immediately without any settings and APK is indicating server automatically. I have set administrator righs for the PC app TouchpadServer.exe but it is still not working. Did you know any reason why? Your app looks great and is without adds. I would like to use this one.

  51. Bobby S

    Excellent application!!!. Very easy to connect and use. Amazed by the simplicity and speed of response.

    Thanks a ton.


    Excellent application!!
    at 1st problem to connect after everything works great:

    Check network & open port at router (port forwarding or NAT/DMZ), after connects auto.

    -Would be nice to just add ESC button as someone suggested.

  53. Balamber

    Thanks for the app! But can you add connection via Bluetooth? I don't have Wi-Fi at work and neither I have the right to install it, so working through Bluetooth dongle would really save me.

  54. dan

    fantastic app, i cant believe how fluid and low latency it is, not to mention how easy it was to setup and the fact that its free! im typing this from the app, you saved me when i didnt have a mouse for my laptop (which has a broken trackpad)

  55. Andrew Davis

    Oh, man, you guys this is great. It's super responsive and the more zips across the screen... I'm leaving a 5 star eating on the market...
    Hey, though. I'm looking for a way to use my phone as an art digitizer for drawing on my computer screen... any chance of that in this thing?

    What about USB connectivity? I realize this is a specialised request, but nothing else I've found even comes close to this thing!

  56. Andrew Davis

    Oh, and you guys having problems connecting, try wifi tether and running the server as administrator. I was having problems until that, too.

    Wifi tether on with no 3g on worked like a charm.

  57. Matt S

    excellent program! Is there any way we could get an option to invert the color scheme? It's hard to see it on a ereader (mine's a rooted nook simple touch). Also, could you make the toolbar icon size adjustable? Hmm, I hope you check this but it seems you might not considering your last post was April 2012.

  58. Bryan Chance

    Thank you for releasing the source code for the Touchpad server and related files. This is the most responsive remote mouse pad. I've tried just about every app of its kind on the Android market. I'm using your source as a learning tool. Thank you again for sharing.

  59. Jörg

    Seems to be a very usefull app. After installing the app and the server it was very easy to connect, works great. I am using a acer inspire w700 tablet running win 8 and my problem is that here is no mouse cursor visible. The app works, becaue if I move the "invisible" mouse courser to an object it is activated and I was able to click on it. If I connect a external mouse to the USB Port, the mouse cursor is visible. Any idea to solve this problem?

    1. Pete

      I got same problem. Its invisible. Anyone got any idea how to fix it?

  60. Akim

    Hello. Wanna ask you. For some games needs always pushed left button. Please say how can i do it. Or may be you will realize this possobility in next version? Thanks much. arigatougozaimasu.

  61. Herman

    Linux is major. It is used all over the place. It is in your android phone. Yet, you don't have a linux server element. Please make a linux server element ASAP. ASAP. Your users are expecting it. We all thank you in advance.

    Remember, Linux is a major product these days, beyond even that of the Macintosh and it will grow significantly over the years. People use Linux as a tool and we'd love to have you not give it a second thought and make a server so that we can use our OS of choice.

    Again, thanks in advance.

    P.S. Please stop thinking of Linux as a toy for old bearded men. People all over the world young and old alike use Linux. Thanks again.

  62. Lars

    On my HTC One X with Android 4.2.2 and HTC Sense 5.0 there is no settings icon in Touchpad, so I cannot connect it to anything.

    Also it would be nice to have it reconnect automatically after my pad's WiFi has woken up after sleep.

  63. khasck

    What do i do when my phone does not have a menu button? I can't seem to pull up any options to connect or change preferences of the app.

    1. Will

      Hey, did you get this sorted at all? I can't seem to find anything on this. I can't pull up the menu either.

      Maybe an alternative?
      I'm on an S5
      Touchpad v1.3 and app
      server is installed too.

      1. Brachamul

        Same issue here, also on a Samsung Galaxy S5.
        There's no menu button on the hardware of the S5, nor is there a UI menu button in the app, so I can't actually access the menu or connect to anything.

  64. Manny

    Love this little app. Works wonderfully between my Note 2/Dell desktop combo on my home wifi. But, sadly, it won't connect on my Note 2/Dell tablet on same wifi with all same settings. Any suggestions?

  65. GabrielR

    worked fine before but now it does not connect me
    why mi cell cant find the server server and what is "MS"
    this is the error:
    Error connecting to failed to connect to/ (port 2999) after 501ms

    Thank you

  66. Michel Firholz

    I'm afraid it will not work within my corporate network (where I would need it the most).

    I Wonder if it were possible to consider a USB wired option with a next version?
    It would additionally have the advantage of charging the mobile instead of draining it's battery.

  67. Cameron

    I just downloaded the app on my galaxy S5 Active and installed on my laptop. I allowed the server through my firewall but I cannot connect with my phone. I cannot find any "options" menu in the app to find the server. Could someone help out with this issue?

    1. wyatt metcalf

      This is an S5 specific problem not an app problem. To get the connect button you must press the menu button which has been removed from the s5 and switch with a multi tasking button however if you push and hold that multi task button (to the left of the home button) just hold it until the context menu comes up where it will have an option to connect you have to hold the button for 2-3 seconds

  68. Neil Lawrence

    Frustratingly, I can't see for the life of me how to connect?!? I've installed on both phone and computer, but the only button on my phone on the touchpad brings up the keyboard. How on earth do I open settings to get it to connect? (Version 1.3)

    1. Cameron

      I'm having the same problem and can't find any help online...still haven't found out how to access the options

    2. wyatt metcalf

      This is an S5 specific problem not an app problem. To get the connect button you must press the menu button which has been removed from the s5 and switch with a multi tasking button however if you push and hold that multi task button (to the left of the home button) just hold it until the context menu comes up where it will have an option to connect you have to hold the button for 2-3 seconds

  69. Cameron

    ok, seriously, I have re-installed on my device and on my laptop, the application is allowed through the firewall, the server is running fine, the app on the device says it is not connected, and there is no option menu whatsoever on the device.

  70. Tyler

    Is there a way to completely disable mouse sensitivity? I only want the left click enabled and zero mouse movement.

    1. Tyler

      Perhaps this can be easily implemented next to the sensitivity scroller via a disable box in the preferences menu?

  71. Benjamin

    impossible to uninstall. it always says "the server is running. please close it to continue setup". i tried ending the process from task manager and closing the program. still the same. couldn't find anything related to the program in services. how do i uninstall this?

  72. aimee

    Hey Dillon,

    I'm using my kindle fire as a portable tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard. Instead of carrying another piece of hardware I'm hoping to use my adroid phone as the TouchPad. Is there anyway to adapt the server so that it will work on a Kindle fire? (I suppose this question applys to making the app work for a tablet) thanks, aimee

  73. Nathan Meyer

    Can I request a feature... the problem with track pad android mice apps, is when you direct the mouse to a specific area, then lift your finger (in order to tap), the mouse always moves slightly. Sometimes off of your original target. Here's my request: In the preferences, under multitouch move, have an option for Left click multi touch. That would allow us to direct the mouse with one finger, leave it held down, and click with the other finger. I think this would be AWESOME!

  74. Calvin Bonner

    I just downloaded your program and love it. 5/5. I can't wait to see what else you come out with. Keep up the good work.

  75. Markoff

    Please add at installation of server in PC BIG warning that app doesn't work if run without administrator rights. I could connect to the server without any problems, control mouse on desktop of my Windows 8.1, even right click on desktop, but when I wanted to click on any icon on taskbar program stopped responding, it seem launching server with admin rights solved problem and now it works within the apps, just checked quickly VLC and Firefox.

  76. Igor

    As I found no donate links on this site, just want to thank you for Touchpad. As an idea for development of this software, I can suggest adding a macros buttons so users could program their own customized buttons with their own fuctionality (i.e. button that will type a whole word in one touch of this button, or press the key combos like Ctrl+C, Alt+F4 etc... )

  77. scott

    This will be a strange question; will this app/server work on a windows7 pc that does not have an internet connection?

  78. Sven

    Is there a way to change which IP address the server app binds to? I have a virtual machine only connection, which is not accessable outside of my PC, and the server is binding to that, not to my LAN visible NIC

  79. Brendan

    Do you have a server for Ubuntu Linux? I would like to use this as a remote control for my raspberry pie which I connect to my tv as a media server. Thanks and great idea by the way.

  80. Nick

    I cant figure out how to get the app to run. I have win 8.1 and samsung galaxy tab pro 8.4. I do not know what you mean by the "Open the options menu and select 'Connect...'.", can not find it on my device. Any idea what I am not doing?

  81. graeme

    Also looking for a Linux version, but I would like to use 'standard drivers' (no such thing I know) e.g. so
    it looks like a wacom device.... then all OSs should work

  82. Mark

    Very nice app. I have samsung gear 2 maybe you can make touchpad app for gear 2? That's be nice

  83. Inderjeet Singh

    Is this app compatible with Windows 8.1..? Or does it need the device to be rooted..?

    I am not able to connect with the server on my Samsung GS3 At&t Unlocked and there are no servers appearing in the app. The Custom method also failed to connect.

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  86. D

    It appears to work fine, except that the pointer doesn't follow touchpad movement. I can tell that the cursor position is changing across the screen and when a link/icon is highlighted I can click it (e.g. a folder in explorer), but the graphical pointer does not follow the movement. Now, I also understand that this could be unrelated to your program because I am running the server on Windows 8.1 in a VirtualBox virtual machine.
    Do you know of a possible fix?

    Otherwise, it seems to be flawless.

    1. D

      UPDATE: The fix was reaally quite simple and I am a bit ashamed I didn't think of this earlier. All you have to do to make this work in VirtualBox is "Disable Mouse Integration"; touchpad then works great!

  87. comet

    How can you find out your password or change it? that is the only issue im having with the app

  88. Gustavo

    Hey, great app, but it would be really cool if you could add the hover functionality, this way, it could function like a wacom tablet for example. In the galaxy note series, the pen that comes with the device can be detected from a distance before actualy touching the screen. The cursor could be used as a mouse, and when the pen is actually touching the screen, it could be used as dragging. This way we could use aplications like photoshop having the device as the drawing tablet. The pen also offers 2000+ levels of pressure detection, I don't know if it possible, but it would be a great app for all the note users.

  89. Priareos

    Hi, your app is awesome, but since I have a new phone I can't use it anymore. I can't get into the options. With my old nexus the options appeared next to the other buttons (back, home etc.), but with my new Galaxy Note 4, I don't get the options button... What do I do?

  90. Ryan Garlick

    Thank you very much for your clean and easy to use app!!!
    Using a galaxy S3 and it does just what it says on the tin

    Thank you again


  91. Nex

    I love the app! Thanks a lot for making this!

    One suggestion tho, for using my phone to draw in gimp and stuff it would be really useful to have an option like toggleable left click, but with the left click only being activated when the screen is being touched instead of it permanently being on. That would be awesome for drawing!

    Cheers, Nexus

  92. Rajawat Lajweer singh

    i m unable to connect the server to my mobile.The display shows a red cross mark over the mouse. I have also tried scrolling down from the right edge option but my attempts have been fallen again,
    help me!!!!!!!!

  93. omarly

    any chanse of getting a linux server?

    i kicked out win years ago, now on ubuntu

  94. Glassman

    Just installed your app on my Galaxy S5 but I can not figure out how to open the options menu. All I see is the one icon that opens the keyboard and a mouse with an X through it. Please help.

  95. JP

    Man, this app is super awesome and ad free.

    Just saying: Thanks!!!!! Really.

  96. jpmorgan34

    I am having the same problem on the same phone as Glassman:

    "Just installed your app on my Galaxy S5 but I can not figure out how to open the options menu. All I see is the one icon that opens the keyboard and a mouse with an X through it. Please help."

    I would realy like to use this please post something soon.
    Looks great and thank you for developing it.

    1. jpmorgan34

      Never mind I got it from a previous comment. Just press and hold the multi window. On the bottom just right of the home button. Thank you so much for making this app free of cost and adds its really cool and well done. Thanks again

  97. John Benson

    Hey man, great app but the nexus 5 with DU (dirty unicorns ROM) there is no menu button so I can't connect to the server :/ please fix? It great tho!

  98. martin

    am a student learning on things like this,could you give me source code of your server and app?

    thank you very much. my email

  99. Pablo

    I, like a few here cannot see any options button. Just a black screen with a red cross over a mouse icon, with a little keyboard button top centre. There don't seem to be any replies to anyone who cannot access a menu here but I hope perhaps I could get some help?
    Android 5.01
    Touchpad Server current @ 16/8/15
    Touchpad Client current @ 16.8.15

  100. Robert

    The app seem nice, but does not work on my combo. Windows 8 with SGS6. I believe it is due to that the server binds to a VirtualBox network adapter instead of the WiFi adapter. Hovering over the server icon displays the VirtualBox IP and the computer is not found by the app. However the server log shows an entry from the broadcast, so something happens. Trying to connect manually also fails.

  101. Shank

    Hello, can you send a source code download links if it's still aviable?

  102. Paul

    I installed the server onto my computer and the app, once I opened the app I got the red X over the mouse but I didn't get the buttons for the menus so I could connect it to the server.

  103. Little Rooster

    can I controll one Phone withe the other via tghis app`?
    That means, I don't want to controll a Computer, but another Phone.
    (i use the other phone as Internet-VideoPlayer, connected via HDMI-cable to a TVScreen. And now I'm looking for a remote to controll this phone-video player)

  104. merkutus

    Hi, this app works nearly perfect, but I miss a Serverversion for Linux. Is it in progress, or should I search an other app for my Linux-System?

  105. Tayundo

    I have enjoyed Touchpad Server for many years, however, I now have a problem with this software. I have accumulated two physical network adapters, along with several virtual TAP adapters (VMware Workstation, Oracle VirtualBox, and a Microsoft TAP or two). The sever worked seemingly fine for a while, till I started to notice I could no longer connect across the router from my cell phone to my PC. On inspection it turns out that the Touchpad server is getting IP addresses from the TAPs, or even being assigned the internal (no DHCP) style address: 169.x.x.x. Does anyone know how to correct this behavior (as uninstalling the other adapters is not viable), or perhaps a method of forcing the utility to a specific NIC. If there is no workaround, I would implore Mr. Dillon Sharlet to make this code open-source. I don't believe it has been actively developed for some time (correct me if I'm wrong), and I while I'm NOT a programmer, I have studied a couple languages and programming theory. I don't think it would be very hard to add a small function to the PC server, adding a new dialog box with a list of detected NIC adapters and/or IP ranges to bind to, as well as outputting the user input to a .ini file for future reference.

    Any help would be appreciated, as I would loathe to stop using amazing little utility.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Tayundo

      *Quick edit:

      I just looked one more time to be sure; turns out my VMware VMnet8 was set to serve DHCP in the 192.168.22.x/24 range and the Touchpad server was requesting it's IP from VMnet8 instead of the physical NIC and my DHCP server. I disabled that vNet, and now should have touchpad functionality back, but unfortunately, it is only temporary. I soon will have need of my VM network again, (it's not just 1 VM for security, I am a computer networks and security student, and have an entire AD Domain on that virtual net) and will have to disable or uninstall the Touchpad server...

      Wow, looks like I typed before I knew. Now, it's getting an IP from VMnet1, which isn't even set to DHCP!!?? I give up for now. The fix of disabling the virtual NICs is impractical; I must have that network.

      Anyway, thanks for reading this, and if you're not, well, you wont know it anyway. ^_^


    Helpful info. Lucky me I discovered your web site accidentally, and
    I'm surprised why this accident didn't came about earlier!
    I bookmarked it.

  107. Dave

    i was using the app for several weeks just fine and now I don't see the menu to connect anymore. what happen?

  108. Jason

    Yeah, I too wouldnt mine a linux version. 7 computers in my house and only 1 still runs windows.. for now.

  109. marcus

    on my lg g3 app has crossed mouse, there's no window with choosing server at all...

  110. David Williams

    I installed the server on my laptop and thats ready to go. I also installed the app on my Galaxy s5. The problem is that when I open the app on my s5, there is a mouse with a red x, and a keyboard at the top but that is it...... no other place to tap..... for setup or anything...... Suggestions?

  111. Albert

    Hi, Dillon! Nice App! but better if there's an option for stylus. I'm thinking of using this in graphics. Since it works with Photoshop, I thought maybe it'd be better using this with functions like graphic tablets. Beats them! lol
    And also, an option using data cable so that those having trouble with server connection can have an alternative.
    Long Live, Pal!

  112. Dennis

    impresionante la fluidez, funciona a la perfeccion y sin anuncios... me funciono pefecto en mi segundo celular, pero no en un Samsung J7, no me despliega el boton de opciones para conectar la app. por favor ayuda!

  113. Friars Nolan

    My phone has 5.5" display but the app does not show any menu button on the bottom. Can someone help me with that? I had a smaller phone previously and it worked fine, but this happened on my new phone. The app is compatible with my current phone though.

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  115. David Klein

    After reading the useful instructions and this forum, I found the connect button but when I entered the server address and port number, my Samsung phone (running Android 6.01) said "error connecting to (number) unable to resolve host (number)". Touchpad server downloaded to my laptop running Windows 8 is 1.3 and the numbers entered are correct. Any ideas?

    1. David Klein

      Apologies. I hadn't allowed remote desktop access on my laptop! Now I have and it works. Great app.

  116. Tim

    I was able to get the app working with my LG V20 phone running Android Nougat. I download the app to my LG tablet running Android 5.0.2 and I can't find a menu. Where is it?

  117. tapon

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    Thank you again for your work will wait for the next great writing.
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  118. Zul

    when i am trying to connect by typing server address it showing me that error connecting to this server after 502 failed : ECONNREFUSED (connection refused)

  119. Oskar

    Hey, I realy love your app. Have you the serwer version for Linux?

  120. Raul Ocadiz

    How do i activate the configuration menu app on my android?
    I did configure the server on my computer, but i can't do it on my cell phone.

  121. GeraldBepay

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  122. Lenovo P70

    Laptop with Windows 7, with Bitdefender
    Mobile Lenovo P70 model
    Server IP
    Shows error while connecting:
    Error connecting to failed to connect to (port 2999) after 1700ms
    What could be wrong??!


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